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The body is one of the most important, but not all of them pay it due attention. As if that were not enough, it has the objective of filtering the blood, purifying hormones, germs, medicines, bacteria and toxins. But, in addition, it is responsible for maintaining the proportions of glucose, fat and protein in a healthy way. We bring you a list of plants you can grow in your garden with which you can make tasty and healthy infusions. If you like tea and herbs, you cannot stop trying some of these herbs for infusions. Maybe you have never thought about making lavender tea, but its floral flavour is incredible. A delicious cup of lavender flowers tea is sweet and fragrant in flavour. It is perfect to calm your mind, especially recommended to reduce tension and relieve a headache.

If the liver is sick it can cause the following discomforts:

Bad digestion
A headache
Inability to concentrate
Bad Mood
Bad breath in the morning
Need to eat sweet things

In what way can we take care of the liver?
Carrying a diet low in fat
Leaving to consume refined flours
Working out
Resting enough
Reducing levels of stress
Taking advantage of the benefits of traditional medicine and natural herbs
The best herbal infusions to detoxify the body

The main properties of tea are:
Prevents infections
It helps to have a good digestion.
It helps keep your teeth healthier due to its high fluoride content.
Helps maintain a younger skin for its antioxidant property.
Improves the immune system.
Prevents cardiovascular diseases to a large extent.
It helps reduce the risk of cancer thanks to its property that contains catechins since they prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.

Currently, there are different types of tea and each has different properties that are beneficial to health first we have:
In addition to leading a healthy life, it is good that we consume some natural medicines. It is not necessary to go to the pharmacy, but to the nearest naturist house.
It is important that before or after meals we drink a tea with an appropriate herb for the body and to purify the liver. It is always necessary to let 30 minutes pass.

Another option is to drink them on an empty stomach every morning or before going to bed. The best herbal infusions to detoxify the body are:

Marian thistle
It is known to be grass as the “guardian of the liver”. It is not only consumed as tea but also in salads (raw). Heals the liver and gallbladder reduce inflammation; repairs damaged tissue and eliminates impurities through urine. In turn, prevents harmful substances from accumulating in the body and is a powerful antioxidant. Lowers cholesterol “bad”, balance blood glucose levels and stimulates vital functions.

This generous plant serves as a blood purifier, decongests the liver and is a wonderful tonic for the body. It has anti-inflammatory, repairing and laxative properties. It is very good for the gallbladder and to eliminate the toxins that accumulate. Do not drink more than 3 cups of dandelion tea per day, and always 30 minutes after eating.

Another of the plants you have available to take care of liver health and eliminate impurities. It has protective and regenerative hepatic properties, improves digestion, and fights all the symptoms we have named before liver malfunction. It is also proven that artichoke tea prevents hepatitis, diabetes, overweight and liver failure. Eliminates cholesterol and reduces blood sugar.

It has many properties that help us to purify the body. You can make a tea with a spoonful of this plant and one of mint, mint or fennel. It also cleans the lungs of mucus and phlegm, prevents colds and promotes digestion.

Thyme tea is recommended for people with poor digestion and nervousness. In addition, it is very good for improving the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder. It helps us eliminate impurities from the body through urine. You can increase the benefits of this infusion if you mix it in a cup of boiling water equal parts with lemon balm or linden. Drink up to 3 cups a day.

Strawberry leaves
They have the ability to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body and also reduce uric acid levels. To increase their capacities it is advisable to mix equal parts with mint leaves or cranberry leaves. It is a drink with diuretic effects. Drink one cup per day.

The leaves of this tree are widely used for their diuretic and depurative properties. They are very good at eliminating toxins, but also to calm the nerves and improve digestion. Consume an infusion with a part of elder leaves and a part of chamomile, sage or green anise. You can consume up to 3 cups a day.

Green tea
The properties of green tea to lose weight and burn fat are known. Did you know that it can also eliminate impurities from the body? It is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its content of isoflavones. It is also a great ally in the fight against ageing. It prevents hardening of arterial walls and helps circulation. Some research indicates that this infusion is anti-carcinogenic and that it reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver. As if it were not enough, green tea is a good agent of thermogenesis (regulates body temperature), a stimulant that helps concentration and mental work.

It is not recommended to consume it in cases of sleep problems or chronic nervousness. If we want we can consume it in the morning, but not after 6 in the afternoon. Now that you know what the types of tea are and the properties of each one I invite you to change your eating habits by providing a cup of tea throughout your day, this will bring great benefits for you and your health.

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